1.8 – Gothic Alphabet Part II

It’s hard for me to believe that March is already halfway over. So far, we’ve covered the basic of calligraphy, Roundhand font, and Gothic font. So where does that leave us? Well I’m finishing up Gothic font today and I’m hoping to use next week for Roman script. Then the last week of March will be a mishmash of modern calligraphy fonts. There will also be a special blog post next Friday that will cover the history of calligraphy.

And what about after March? Well this blog will be moving onto a new hobby that I’m planning on announcing next week. However, for myself, calligraphy will be put on the backburner indefinitely. It is a fun hobby, and I’d like to continue working on it occasionally. But I have to be honest and say that it isn’t something I really, really enjoy. There’s probably been a couple of times over this past month where I thought about stabbing my eye out with a nib. With that being said, I of course don’t want to discourage anyone that is interested in starting it. Just because I didn’t love it doesn’t mean you won’t. If you’re thinking about taking it up, go for it.

Now on to today’s lesson. I thought I would try something different and show my first attempt at a letter, then my (approximately) tenth attempt at it, and finally the tutorial I am following.

So here’s a ‘w’.

You can see that the tenth iteration is a bit better than the first in terms of spacing and line straightness. Both are not as good as the sample ‘w’ obviously. I still need to work on a few things, but you can see the evolution of it.

Next is an ‘f’. You can see where I accidentally dragged my hand through it. Oops, my bad.

Again the tenth iteration is better. Evidently practice does make perfect(or at least better). The lines are a bit straighter and the lengths of the top, middle, and bottom sections are more even.

And finally an ‘a’. Very similar observations to the other two letters.

What do you think? More helpful that just posting the same picture over and over? I think so too, and I will probably continue this format for the rest of the month.

– J


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