1.9 – Roman Rustic Font

For this week, I’m practicing Roman Rustic Font using the same website that I used for the Gothic font.

Here’s the ‘a’.

It’s a little difficult to tell from the pictures but the second one is smaller than the first one. I’d say it’s 75% the size of the first one. I was using the largest nib I have, but the proportions were still wonky as you can tell. Making the character a bit smaller seemed to help, but it’s still off.

Now here’s a ‘v’.

Not a lot to say about this one that’s different from the first one.

And finally an ‘o’.

With this one, you can really see how much reducing the size helped forming the letters. The middle one is probably half as big as the other one.

I’m sure you can guess what today’s advice is. Make sure you try making the letters in a few different sizes so you get the right proportions.

– J



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